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Curriculum Vitae



Name:                                         Samuel B. Vaughn, B.S., D.V.M.

Office Address:                          Veterinary Associates Stonefield

                                                    203 Moser Road

                                                    Louisville, Kentucky 40223

Office Phone:                             (502) 245-7863

Website:                                      www.vetcity.com

e-mail                                          [email protected]

Date of Birth:                             September 21, 1957


November 1986- November 1990

Fairleigh Pet Center Practice Manager

Louisville, KY

Primarily Canine and Feline Practice, all phases of surgery and medicine.

September 1985- October 1986

Animal Medical Center

Madisonville, KY Exclusively Canine and Feline Practice, Practice Manager and Performed all phases of surgery and medicine.

January 1984- September 1984

Rowan Veterinary Clinic


Morehead, KY

This is a 90 day “internship” if you will, required by Auburn University for Graduation. This was a Mixed Animal practice, which involved horses, swine, cattle as well as companion animals.

November 1990- present

Veterinary Associates Stonefield

Ownership/Senior Partner -Louisville, KY

 Sixteen years managing and performing medicine, surgery, endoscopy and all phases of a busy small animal, avian and exotic practice. My personal caseload is 70% dogs and cats and 30% birds and exotics. 

2003-present Service Contract with State of Kentucky, Department of Fish and Wildlife,

Professional Services for Birds of Prey held by the State Game Farm



1995                                       Board Certification ABVP

                                               Avian Specialty

1980 – 1984                          Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

                                              With Honor – 1984

                                              Auburn, University

                                              Auburn, Alabama

1976 – 1980                          Bachelor of Science

                                              Biology – Major  Chemistry – Minor

                                              Morehead State University

                                              Morehead, Kentucky

Spring 1976                           No Degree

                                              University of Kentucky

                                              Lexington, Kentucky

Fall 1975                               No Degree

                                              Kentucky State University

                                              Frankfort, Kentucky 



Board Certification ABVP Avian Diplomate, 1994


Vaughn, S. B., Simmons, L. Clinical Observations of a Homeopathic Remedy for Feather Damaging Behavior Proceedings of the Association of Avian Veterinarians, 2007

Vaughn, S. B. Avian Nutrition Veterinary Product News September 2, 2002.

Vaughn S. B. Battle of the Sexes Birds USA Annual Publication 2001-2002

Vaughn, S. B. Exotic Animal Pain Management, DVM News Magazine.

Vaughn S. B. Common Simple Surgical Procedures Used in Avian Practice, American Veterinary Medical Association, Nashville Tennessee July 2002.

Vaughn, S. B. Avian and Exotic Laser Surgery: Economical and Feasible. American Veterinary Medical Association, Annual Meeting, Nashville, Tennessee. July 2002

Vaughn S. B. Avian Physical Examination: Pet Birds In Your Practice. American Veterinary Medical Association Meeting, Nashville, Tennessee July 2002

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Vaughn S. B. West Nile Virus and Pet Birds Bird Breeder Online July 2002

 Vaughn, S. B. Proventricular Dilatation Disease (Neuropathic Ganglioneuropathy) In a Cockatoo Bird Breeder October 2001

Vaughn, S. B. Raccoons as Dangers and Threats to Aviculture in the Southeast United States Bird Breeder Online September 2001.

Vaughn, S. B. Papillomatosis of African Greys Bird Breeder Online July 2001

Vaughn, S. B. Cryptosporidiosis: Diagnosis and Treatment in a Cockatoo Bird Breeder Online June 2001

Vaughn, S. B. Re-Introduction of Scarlet Macaws into Costa Rica Bird Breeder Online May 2001

Vaughn, S. B. Abdominal Distension Differential Diagnoses Bird Breeder Online April 2001

Vaughn, S. B. Cloacal Prolapse In a Cockatoo Bird Breeder Online March 2001

Vaughn, S. B. Stunted Baby Syndrome In a Hawk-Head Parrot August 2000

Vaughn, S. B. Bourke’s Parakeet’s and Psittacosis Bird Breeder Online July 2000

Vaughn, S. B. Drought and Egg Production Bird Breeder Online January 2000

Vaughn, S. B. Handfeeding Baby Parrots. Bird Talk August 17, 1999.

Vaughn, S. B. Synopsis and Review of The European Association of Avian Veterinarians, Pisa Italy. Bird Breeder Online July 1999

Vaughn, S. B. Early Embryonic Death in Macaws. Bird Breeder Online June 1999

Vaughn, S. B. Advances in Avian Medicine and Surgery, Bird Breeder Online May 1999

Vaughn, S. B. Cardiac Murmurs in Cockatoos. Bird Breeder Online March 1999

Vaughn, S. B. Sarcocystosis falculata Incidence in Outdoor Aviaries in the Midwest United States. Bird Breeder Online January 1999

Vaughn, S.B. International Avicultural Society Proposed Thirteen Point Program for Successful Breeders Bird Breeder Online December 1998.

Vaughn, S.B. Canary Pox Virus Bird Breeder Online November 1998.

Vaughn, S.B. Common Syndromes Seen In African Grey Parrots. Bird Breeder Online September 1998.

Vaughn, S.B.  Avian Polyomavirus Vaccination 1997 European Chapter Association of Avian Veterinarians.  May 1997.

Vaughn, S.B.  What’s Your Diagnosis: Histoplasmosis in a Moluccan Cockatoo.  Journal Association of Avian Veterinarians.  1996.

Vaughn, S.B.  Arsenical Poisoning in a Cockatiel Aviary.  1192 Proceedings European Chapter Association of Avian Veterinarians, March 1991; 258 – 263

Vaughn, S.B. et al.  A surgical approach to collect testicular fluid from the extratesticular rete testis of the pony.  Veterinary Surgery 1985, July – Sept; 14(3): 218 – 220.


 2004-present      American Veterinary Medical Legal Association

1990 – Present     American Association of Zoo Veterinarians

1990 – Present     Association of Amphibian and Reptile Veterinarians

1986 – Present     Association of Avian Veterinarians

1984 – Present     Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association

1983 – Present     Phi Zeta Society Veterinary Medicine Honor, Society Epsilon Chapter

1980 – Present     American Veterinary Medical Association

1979 – Present     Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Morehead State University


2012 Re-Appointment to Kentucky Board of Veterinary Examiners (exp 2016)

2008-present         American Veterinary Medical Association Committee on Veterinary         Education and Activities (AVMA-CVTEA)    Accreditation Committee  for veterinary Technician program in Louisville,Ky..                 

2005-2010        Board Member, Kentucky Board of Veterinary Examiners, Governor       Appointment(Republican)

2010  Re-Appointment to the Kentucky Board of Veterinary Examiners, Governor appointment, Democratic­

2005                      Investigator, Kentucky Board of Veterinary Examiners

1989-2001            Association of Avian Veterinarian Kentucky State Liaison

1990 – Present     Avian/Exotic – Small Animal Practice, Owner/Partner – Veterinary

                             Associates Stonefield; Louisville, KY

1990 – Present     Vaughn Veterinary Services, INC., Owner – a mobile practice that

     Provides on – site Aviary Consultation, Flock Preventive Medicine,      

     Educational Lectures, Veterinary Care for Wildlife Centers, and Expert Witness Services, www.expertpetvet.com. Crestwood, KY

1986 – present     Consultant, The Louisville Zoo on Special Avian Cases

1990                    Chairperson, Midwest Avian Research Expo, Lexington, Kentucky

1992                    Chairperson, Midwest Avian Research Expo, Louisville, KY

1992                    Consultant, The Pet Practice, Indianapolis, IN.

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES                           

Provide lecture time and personal time by membership to the following organizations:

2008  Appointed to the AVMA Committee on Veterinary Technicians Education and Activities (AVMA-CVTEA)  Purpose was to evaluate The Brown-Mackie Veterinary Technician Program and either approve Accreditation or Deny same.

 2008       Lecture for children Grades 1-5 Christian Academy of Louisville, July 7th 2008


  2002-2003 Volunteer time for the Indian Summer Camp, a camp for children with                          

                         Terminal Neoplasia.


  2000 Volunteer for Amigos de Las Aves, A program breeding the Great Green and

                Scarlet Macaw for re-introduction into the rainforests of Costa Rica.

      1992   Section Chairperson, Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association

      Mid-America Veterinary Conference Office Staff Section    


     1992          Member, Board of Governors for Midwest Avian Research Expo

                        Ann Arbor, MI

        Central Kentucky Bird Club

        Tennessee Valley Bird Club

       Organizations on Avian and Exotic Practices

       Speaker, Local Bird Clubs and Local Veterinary Groups

       Classroom Lecturer for first and second grades at local grade schools


2010  Distinguished Service Award from the Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association

1993         Mayor’s Award from city of Louisville for volunteer work during winter

     Storm disaster


 1991/1992     Who’s Who in Veterinary Science and Medicine 

     Honor Certificate

     Beryl Enterprises for volunteer services nursing home visits with pets

1994/1999       Outstanding Service Award for Commitment to Advancing and  

Promoting Avian Medicine and Stewardship by the Association of

Avian Veterinarians


2015              Twin Lakes Veterinary Conference

2014              North American Veterinary Conference, Louisville, Kentucky

2013              Mid-America Veterinary Conference, Louisville, Ky.

2012              Association of Avian Veterinarians Conference, Louisville Ky.

2012              Mid-America Conderence, Louisville, Ky.

2011              Mid-America Veterinary Conference Louisville, Kentucky                             

2010              Mid America Veterinary Conference, Louisville, Kentucky

2009              Mid-America Veterinary Conference, Louisville, Kentucky

2008              Mid-America Veterinary Conference, Louisville, Kentucky

2007              Association of Avian Veterinarians, Providence, Rhode Island


2006               Association of Avian Veterinarians, San Antonio Texas

2005               Association of Avian Veterinarians, Monterey, California.

2005               American Veterinary Medical Association, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

2003               Music City Veterinary Conference, Tennessee Veterinary Medical

                      Association, Nashville, Tennessee

2003               Association of Avian Veterinarians Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh,


2002               American Veterinary Medical Association Annual Meeting, Nashville, Tennessee,


2001               Central Veterinary Conference Kansas City Kansas

2000               University of Georgia Behavioral Certification and Training for Canine and Feline Patients

2000               Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association Louisville, Ky.

1999               European Association of Avian Veterinarians, Pisa Italy.

                      Association of Avian Veterinarians, New Orleans

                      Indiana Veterinary Annual Meeting; Indianapolis, IN

  Fish Health Conference, University of Georgia,College         of Veterinary Medicine; Athens,GA

1996                Association of Avian Veterinarians

                       North American Veterinary Conference, Orlando, FL

                       Ultrasound and Specialized Avian Endoscopy Courses


1996              Speaker, University of Guelph; Ontario, Canada

                     School of Veterinary Medicine

1995              Association of Avian Veterinarians Annual Conference


1994                Midwest Avian Research Expo – Speaker, Buffalo, N.Y.

1994/1993       American Board of Veterinary Practitioners Study Session for

                                    Avian Specialty Board Exam Chicago, IL

1992/1993           Association of Avian Veterinarians Advanced and Normal Conference

            Nashville, TN 

1993                Midwest Avian Research Expo; Dearborn, MI

            Midwest Avian Research Expo; Lexington, KY

1992                 Association of Avian Veterinarians Advanced and Normal Conference

                   New Orleans, LA

             Midwest Avian Research Expo; Cleveland, OH

1991   Association of Avian Veterinarians Advanced Electrosurgery,

Hematology, and Cytology Case Studies

Surgical Correction of Beaks, Grief and Bereavement Workshop

Chicago, IL

1990                Midwest Avian Research Expo; Cincinnati, OH

1990                Association of Avian Veterinarians; Phoenix, AZ 

1989    Mid-America Veterinary Conference; Louisville, KY

1988    Association of Avian Veterinarians; Houston, TX

1987          Association of Avian Veterinarians Basic Electrosurgery, Surgical

                  Approaches to and Repair of Wing Fractures

                  Wet Labs, Hawaii

1987    Eastern States Veterinary Conference Avian/Exotic and

                  Practice Management Sections; Orlando, FL

1985    Annual Conference

The American College of Veterinary Surgeons; Chicago, IL   




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